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Answers you can count on about primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), the menstrual cycle, and ovarian health.

28 DAYS.

Women know this as the interval between one menstrual cycle and the next. Girls and women, young and old, live by this rhythm throughout their lives. They track fertility, pregnancy, health issues, events — even what to wear and when. On one hand, they count the days to cramping and bleeding, ovulation and conception, due dates and not getting pregnant. On the other hand, they count the days to vacations, sporting events, and date nights.

Perhaps most significantly, they count the days to assure and reassure, to validate signs and symptoms, and even to forecast when the days of counting might be over for good. Yet, as we get caught up in this endless scheduling, it’s easy to lose sight of not only how a woman’s menstrual cycle is an important indicator of her health and well-being, but also how more than half of the world’s population is lacking the vital health care information needed to fully understand women and young girls’ menses.

Introducing 28 Days — your comprehensive resource for more information on primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), the menstrual cycle, and ovarian health.


January 11, 2023


As President of the Mary Elizabeth Conover Foundation, I am pleased to start the year 2023 by
introducing you to our new women’s health initiative we have deemed My 28 Days. My 28
is a comprehensive community resource for women with primary ovarian insufficiency
(POI). The specific purpose is to help these women make evidenced-based decisions about
their menstrual and ovarian health.

Given menstrual health affects not only fertility but overall vitality and longevity, My 28 Days is
an essential forum for healthcare providers, scientists, patients, and women everywhere to
share the latest evidence, resources, and solutions concerning reproductive endocrinology and
women’s health.



At My 28 Days, our goals are to:

  • Encourage conversations around menstrual health, with a focus on primary ovarian insufficiency (POI)

  • Promote and recognize a woman’s period as a critical vital sign, just as relevant to her overall wellness as pulse, body temperature, or respiration rate

  • Provide a community of caring and compassion support for women — from teens to adulthood — on issues concerning health, well-being, and fertility

  • Help women advocate for themselves by providing them with the tools and support they need to better educate their healthcare providers on the latest research and treatment options

  • Amplify the voices of leaders in the field in order to reach more people in need of information and education




1.  Sign up for our newsletter. Launching on January 28th, the My 28 Days newsletter will include the latest research and resources on POI – from treatments to talking points, questions and answers.


Mary Elizabeth Conover Foundation, Inc.,

P.O. Box 2647, Falls Church, VA 22042 USA

+1 703 304 4152


2. Join the My 28 Days virtual community. Follow My 28 Days on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and stay up to date on research and answers. We also have a private Facebook support community that has grown to more than 3,500 women and their families from around the globe over the last three years from which to learn from and lean on.


3. Visit our website, where women with POI and their families can download three PDFs to

help navigate their care, including an info sheet on POI, a summary of physiologic hormone

replacement therapy (P-HRT) and questions to ask their doctor.

4. Save the date. We’re hosting a special kick-off event on Tuesday, Feb. 28th, in Washington,

D.C. at the Army Navy Club, and we’re lining up a great panel to discuss the latest in women’s

health. Subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social media so you can stay up to date on

all the details.

5. Share this with a friend or colleague. Know someone who might benefit from My 28 Days

content? The more people we bring along on this journey, the more we can learn and grow from

one another.


At My 28 Days — more than anything — we want women with POI to know there’s hope and
there’s help! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter here. We look forward to connecting with

Science and Health. Period.


Kind Regards,


Lawrence M Nelson


Lawrence M Nelson, MD, MBA

My 28 Days is an initiative of the Mary Elizabeth Conover Foundation.

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