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The heart & soul of Conover Foundation's philosophy is Empathy Thinking®, a revolutionary new approach to patient care. It is a healthcare approach centered on serving others, addressing their needs as any of us would members of own family. For too long, healthcare has often been more focused on business and profitability – detached and sterile – rather than empathy and compassion. We don't believe anyone should have to choose between the two. 

Empathy Thinking® is our Initiative that marries evidence-based, cutting-edge science with a hyper concentration on interpersonal relationships and emotional well being.


A world where humanity isn't defined by our scientific progress, our technological achievements, our architectural marvels, or our material success, but by the strides we make in caring for ourselves and others.


Where success is measured by the help we provide for others, not by what we acquire for ourselves.


Where prosperity is gauged by the quality of our interactions, not by the quantity of our possessions.


Where we’re guided by the needs of others, not by what we may expect in return.

Where being well isn’t an endpoint to reach for, but an action we take from moment to moment.

Where health isn’t a luxury, but a way of life.

Where we understand that effective care requires convenient and reliable delivery, because care with no effective distribution process is no care at all.

And when we have more than we need, we build a longer table, not a higher wall.

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