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“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations.

Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

- George Washington


Many people would benefit from a structured program to help them

manage stress and adapt to a healthier style of living. Maintaining healthy

relationships and sleeping well extends life and reduces disease.

The Sabai Touch (SM) provides advocacy in the field of health and wellness care and

case management services in coordinating health and wellness care.

The Sabai Touch (SM) is an approach to living which is universally applicable, meaningful, and transcends cultural differences. In the Thai language, Sabai means happy,

peaceful and tranquil.

Conover Foundation provides a lifestyle education program which integrates ancient wisdom with scientifically proven methods.

Here are audio files where you can learn more about Thai and Mason Conover and their ways to find peace and harmony. You can also start to find your own peace and harmony by learning to be still and silent. All the recordings are identical save an incremental increase in time for you to practice silence.

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